Gaige & Feliccitti is pleased to announce in February 2017 that we have officially switched all our in-house deposition production to the YesLaw transcript generator and secure online repository!  Integrating YesLaw into our production process will streamline our workflow and increase convenience and security for our clients.



What is YesLaw?

YesLaw is a transcript generator that automatically creates an elegant and readable deposition in seconds from an ASCII or PTX file. YesLaw can also manage your audio and video files, and can synch these files to the final transcript. YesLaw then seamlessly and securely distributes the transcripts, exhibits, and other important legal files in one click.

What does this mean for me?

If you order from us, we will be able to generate and email to you a finished transcript as soon as our reporter has completed the editing process. YesLaw will send you an automatically generated email linking to our online repository, where you can view download, save, and print the transcripts as you need them, anytime, anywhere.

What is the online repository?

The online repository is very exciting! It allows us to grant secure, convenient access of depositions to our clients 24/7.  The repository is HIPAA compliant and only users who have been granted direct access to a file will be able to view depositions and other files online.

Where is the repository and how to I access it?

The repository is part of our website.  Please visit and click on “repository login” in the upper right corner.

When you receive your first YesLaw generated transcript, you will receive two emails; the first email will have your login information and a password. Use your email address and the password to log in.

I don’t think I received that email/ I lost my password.

That’s okay. If you have a YesLaw account, recalling your password is easy.  Click “forgot password” on the login page. An email will be sent to the associated email address with instructions to generate a new password.

Be sure to check your spam!

If you don’t have a login ­– or the email never arrives – call or email us at 207-854-5296 and  Matteson will make sure you are set up to use YesLaw.

When you are logged in, you can change your password to whatever you would like.

I have a deposition in the repository and have logged in, but the deposition is not there!

No worries!  The document was likely not initially associated with your personal account. Reach out to and we will add your account to the access list.

We thank you for bearing with us as we integrate new, more efficient technology into our production process. Once you begin using YesLaw we think you will agree that it is a faster, more convenient, and more secure distribution system.

If you have questions about transitioning to YesLaw, please reach out to Matteson at

Thank you and best,

Beth, Michelle, and Matteson