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Beth Gaige

Beth Gaige

RPR, Hawaii CSR

Beth Gaige of Gaige & Feliccitti, LLC, has been a freelance court reporter since 1991 after completing her studies at Husson University.She worked for five years at a freelance agency before forming Gaige Reporting in 1996. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Maine Court Reporters Association and is their president. Beth is a member of NCRA, the National Court Reporters Association and in 2006 achieved the designation of Registered Professional Reporter through national testing. She stays abreast of advances in technology and other developments in the field of court reporting.

In addition, Beth is licensed and certified to practice in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

Michelle Feliccitti

Michelle Feliccitti


Michelle Feliccitti earned her Bachelor of Science in Court and Conference Reporting in 1996 from Husson University. She has worked for the past 18 years as a freelance reporter in the State of Maine. Her experience has been in depositions, but she has also covered Federal Court trials, mediations, and public hearings. She takes pride in her transcripts and strives for excellence. In addition to being a Registered Professional Reporter, Michelle is a State of Maine Notary Public.  She is a member of the National Court Reporters Association, as well as the Maine Court Reporters Association.


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