Virtual Meeting Technicians

Gaige & Feliccitti LLC is pleased to offer the services of our Virtual Meeting Technicians and our new division!

Technica VMT

With all the off our depositions, arbitration’s, meditations and a multitude of other meetings and important engagements, we provide one of our specially trained VMTs to troubleshoot any connectivity or IT related issues, secure your room, start your meeting, display and annotate exhibits and or provide breakout rooms for private conversations.

We have the capacity to host multiple functions and events simultaneously so that scheduling is never an issue.

Contact us today to inquire about our VMT, videoconferencing and other services.


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What sets Gaige and Feliccitti LLC apart?

Certified Reporters

Competitive pricing

Real time Service

Videography Services

Online Scheduling

Professional Staff

Managed Video Conferencing

HIPAA Compliant Repository

Multiple Meeting Locations

Schedule your deposition or meeting with Gaige & Feliccitti LLC and enjoy the capability of a large reporting firm with the personal touch of a small Maine business.

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