21st century solutions to 21st century problems:

Need Videography, Videoconferencing, or Mobile VC connectivity? Is the witness in another state and you need to find a reporter and notary, fast? Are you concerned about file security, or need Real Time service across multiple states?

We are a full-service reporting firm on the forefront of technological advances in reporting, including true videoconferencing and mobile computer video conferencing services through Zoom and other providers. We provide national coverage through DepoSpan and our free legal repository securely stores your sensitive files for worry-free, 24/7 distribution.  Our Real Time reporters can stream live testimony instantly any computer in the meeting room, as well as remotely to any corner of the U.S.

Our Services:

  • In-House Videography
  • Videoconferencing and Conference Rooms
  • Mobile Computer Videoconferencing
  • Real Time Services
  • Secure Online Transcript Repository

No matter where you are or what your situation is, we leverage the latest technology to meet your needs and accurately record the proceedings.

We’re you’re one-stop-shop!

Schedule a deposition today through our convenient online scheduler, or contact us through email or phone at 207-854-5296 for current rates and services.


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