We are the only reporting agency in Maine with a firm-owned, on-site, private conference room and a true VC location right in downtown, Portland, ME.  Schedule a videoconference and reporting services with us and save yourself the hassle of booking travel to Maine.  Enjoy a secure, face-to-face connection with the witness from your home, office, or hometown videoconference location

Are there multiple parties in different states that need to attend the meeting? Multi-party bridging services are FREE, so even attendees who do not have access to a true videoconferencing system can easily attend through any webcam-enabled computer or tablet.

True videoconferencing through G & F Reporting is available in the following Maine cities.

  • Portland

Call us today to book one of our private, VC-capable conference rooms:

Portland, ME
75 York Street
Portland, ME 04101

Rely on us to secure a true videoconferencing location in any Maine city through our network. Reserve your reporter and conference space today through our online scheduling portal, or call or email us to learn more about our services and current rates.

Our videoconferencing room is available for more than just legal proceedings! Don’t end a vacation or fly last-minute to another city due to an unexpected meeting; ask us about attending board or business meetings remotely at the G & F Reporting headquarters.


75 York St.
Portland, Maine 04101